They have almost spent five years, since I received the incredible telephone call that will change the course of my life, and I smile, when remembering the indifference with which had caught the headphone of my mother's hand to speak with Marcia. She was my mother's widow friend and he/she went right to the grain, I can still remember each word of their conversation.

- Zara what it would seem you to work in Haiti during the summer, with all the paid expenses?.

I found a joke, something unexpected, I was paralyzed without speech. She continued.

- Are you not without work?, -the voice arrived white, but distant -, your mother told me that some days ago you left your employment in the office of sure.

- If..., it is certain.

- Zara listens, I have just explained your mother the situation, he doesn't like the idea you to go alone to another country, but of course the decision is yours. After all you are twenty years old, although your mother stops you are the small of the family, you know that too much hit you has been since your father died and your siblings left. He/she would come you very well to live a separated season.

I have bigger three siblings, they are married and they have left of house. My mother is possessive and she worried about us without necessity, although in certain way you/he/she is comprehensible. Since he/she married dad he/she has been an active woman, their work, the house, my father and then the four children. Dad left us and almost at the same time mom was without work, for what the cares for us became almost in an obsession for her, at the same time the fights with my bigger siblings increased until the point of becoming in daily. For that reason my siblings in the moment that you/they had opportunity left of house and of the city.

From that moment my mother went invading my intimacy little by little, she even wanted to share my thoughts and you grieve I/you/he/she allowed me to have friends, unfortunately with twenty years she began to get tired of the situation, for what Haiti sounded to glory, era the opportunity that he/she was waiting for a lot of time. He/she could finally have my own life.

- What working class is it?.

- My brother's secretary, more or less - Marcia said -. He investigating is there, in the local atmosphere, for a novel based on Haiti and he/she needs somebody that can write to the dictation and later to type it. I remembered you and for that reason he/she called you. What do you answer?.

- I don't know it, at this time I don't know if I am dreaming, or all this is reality. Marcia, I really think that this is not a decision that can take in an instant, as if accepts to take a coffee this afternoon in your house. He/she would have to think it a little time.

- Non baby, doesn't believe that you have time of thinking a lot, my brother is a very impetuous person, and he doesn't like hesitations, if it is that yes, it is already it, and if it is that not also.

- Marcia..., not you that to say.

- If I can give you an advice, I would not think it twice.

- You could not tell me more things of the work, for example as much as I will win, when I begin, during when time...

- The salary is fabulous, at least to my I find that a thousand five hundred dollars a week are quite well. That of beginning would be immediately, that is to say you would leave in the first airplane that leaves, and the time of the contract is very relative, for the moment it will be until it finishes this novel, but it is never known, the writers always need somebody to its side. In definitive a work as east is not every day.

- Is it married?.

- He/she is widower. A year and half ago it lost their wife in a horrible accident. She was their secretary, their friend, their confidant, their wife and their son's mother, in a word it was all their life. Rubén has passed very difficult moments and he had not written from then on, now he is there with his son Tony, he is twelve years old. But all those particulars don't come at this time to story. Good what, do you want the work?.

- I don't know it, something am insecure...

- It could assure that it is the working class with the one that you without a doubt would enjoy and your already knows as editing a manuscript, I have also found out that time recently you sold your first story.

Yes, but Haiti..., earth of black, vodú and poverty. I was pensive and they began to be drawn in my mind interrogation signs while he/she reminded how many harrowing things he/she had heard about that country. Bewitching, black magic, people possessed by pagan gods, Zombies..., "anything will go bad", I thought I "have health, intelligence, and I have solved alone several problems, I won't also be alone, it will be Rubén to my side. But who is able to predict what will happen?, he/she could catch a terrible illness...

- Clear that if you want a little more than time...

- No, I don't need it, I have already thought it. Tell him that I accept the employment.

I hung the telephone and I became toward my mother that bit with nerves the inferior lip.

- Will you really accept that work?, you should meditate him a little more than time, he/she thinks that it is not neither France, neither England, is Haiti.

- I have already thought it, there the work is and there I will go, it is also an offer that he/she comes rained of the sky, I will be put in the working type that more it interests me. There I go, Haiti.

- And that you tell me of the matter of the vodú?, there there is bewitching as in áfrica.

- And can it be known that I have to do with all those things?. Tranquilize you mom, I will live with a Spanish family.

The trip was long and heavy, but I made it with pleasure, he/she had dreamt of something for a long time similar, and I finally got it. During the trip I thought many things, some don't remember them, and others don't have too much importance.

In Miami, a man ascended on board, he/she seemed to have thirty and few years, he had a small black mustache that he sat down him very well. The man went dress faultlessly, well perfumed and with a carnation in the lapel. It seemed as recently left of a window.

At the little time I was speaking with animosity with that called gentleman Pedro Fool. He/she was a Hispanic, but residing in businessman Haiti for many years. Almost without realizing we were speaking of the topic that to me more it roused me, the vodú. On that, I remember some things of our conversation.

- Tell me something, Pedro, I believe that the country is in its Catholic bigger part. Therefore, how can people continue practicing the old religion of the vodú?.

- Regarding that it is necessary a lot to explain. The Constitution of Haiti recognizes the freedom of cults, but it is the Catholicism the most ingrained religion in the country. An Archbishopric exists in Port-au-Prince and Bishoprics in Aux-Cayes, Cap Hitien, Goneives and Port-of-Paix. Together with the Catholic religion the "vodú", animist religion taken to Haiti by slaves coming from the Dahomey coexists; this religion evolves sensibly until mixing with some rites and customs of the Catholic Church. Their persistence is explained by diverse circumstances: the abandonment of the religious instruction of the slaves for the French colonists; the relationship of the "vodú" with the African nationalism, since ended up constituting the knot of union among the different black towns arrived in Haiti; their linking to the Haitian folklore, because the dance and the music, for those that the black feels passion, they occupy a very important place in the learned vuduista.

- Since he/she knows so many things, what can he/she tell me about the zombies?, is that supernatural not?.

- Everything in Haiti is supernatural, I take living there many years, but I still have left a without end of strange things to understand and to see.

- If, of course, but do I also believe that that of the zombies is too fantastic, how would somebody rot to be dead and to continue moving?.

- Because in that young lady makes a mistake, there have been many documented cases of zombies all told the country. Myself knows a man that had an experience of this class. He/she makes some years their bigger son he/she put on suddenly sick and he/she died. The father attended his funeral one and his funeral, however, only one year ago it recognized his son in a distant town, working in a sugar cane plantation. The youth could not speak and you/he/she didn't recognize her father. When the father could contact the police, the boy had disappeared.

I was terrified, and I remained quiet during a while while it assimilated all that my new and unexpected friend was counting. When realizing the face of strangeness that had he/she told me:

- Don't get scared, it is not probable that you will meet with none. Where you will live during your stay.

- In Saint Marc.

- Beautiful place. Will the gentleman Duke be waiting for you in the airport?.

- If, that waits, I would not know where to go neither that to make.

- For that reason worry, my chauffeur will be waiting for me, and in case nobody is waiting for you we will take you until your destination.

- Thank you for your kindness, Pedro.

- It is an entire pleasure. In all ways and although you have somebody waiting for you, I would like he/she sees you again, if you don't care it to tí, I can be your guide, it would be wonderful to be able to become trained the whole island, my telephone number is in the card.

- Thank you, it is good to know that I already have a friend in the "stranger Haiti."

The truth is that I had liked to make him a couple of questions more, but I joust when he/she went to make it the stewardess it warned us that we were about to take earth in the airport of Haiti and we had to get ready for the landing, and with the excitement of that new sensation I forgot.

There were not a lot of people in the wait room, and Pedro didn't move away from me until I finally recognized my new boss. It was high and it took a shirt gray ash. It seemed strong and muscular, as accustomed to hard physical exercises. He/she had the gray and deep eyes, intense black hair and a certain mysterious air at the same time that very pleasant in their factions. When he/she came closer to me, he/she only made sure that it was me the person that was waiting and he/she told me that he would be my new boss.

I said goodbye to Pedro with the promise of calling it to him before it was possible. Of course that he/she would make it, he/she was a very pleasant man, and not you because he/she received good vibrations to their side and that was a thing that I always kept in mind.

Marcia had already warned me that her brother lately was not a too sociable man. Since their wife died in an unfortunate automobile accident, the one had not left the walls of her house, alone she conversed with animosity with her son and all its free time passed remembering to Elena, put in the world that he had created for both in the proximity of spirits.

Alone their son was able to make him to smile and to leave his separate world, except in those occasions always

it was crestfallen and sad. According to Marcia Tony was an extroverted, cheerful, dynamic and intelligent boy, full with the love that gave him his father, although some nights when it finished the daily and long conversation with his him, (in the one that was always spoken of Elena) he was heard cry in solitude.

During the road we don't speak anything, until arriving at the town, for where he/she gave me a tourist turn explaining some of the most interesting things, and the most characteristic places. When leaving the town we begin to see small cabins, the highway was without asphalting, we follow mountain up, where they contrasted the big mansions with the small cabins. The road was long and always up, when leaving a curve the road it was evened, then the view was wonderful, I was completely astonished when seeing something like that, never in my life I saw something as wonderful as that, it rotated the head in all addresses to enjoy that visual banquet better, I didn't want to get lost he/she swims. To the little while we gave the turn to a walk and we went to stop to the facade of a great house of two floors.

The first floor gave to a covered porch, the second to a mirador. Both were preserved by iron handrails, the walls were colored of a soft one gray that was not unpleasant. In front of the house and in one of the sides one could see a great grass extension, on the other hand there was a patio. When I stopped to contemplate the panorama I realized that a robust woman of gray hair, face pleasant and good stature, front of me was willing to welcome me, therefore I got off the car and we made the opportune presentations; she was María the owner of keys. He/she had a maternal air that I was attracted by enough, and it was clear that that lady was willing to be my friend.

We enter in the house. The floor was wooden, there were many doors, and therefore many rooms. When we came closer to the stairway of the bottom a girl of brown skin he/she appeared. As María told me I/you/he/she was Clotilde, the girl that helped him in the kitchen.

- She will teach you your room, it goes up the stairways better than me. -he/she said smiling -.

María entered in the kitchen and we begin to go up the stairways, in the first descansillo I met with the gentleman Duke.

- I would like to see it in my office as soon as he/she has rested enough.

That was all that told me, and he/she made it without looking at myself, for that seen Marcia it took reason, era a man of few words, but definitive.

My bedroom was in the center of the highest part in the house, big era and with big ventanales, from where it could sight the patio. The decoration was perfect and carried out with quite good pleasure.

- It is very beautiful.

- The bathroom is crossing the lobby. Now I should leave, I have to finish preparing the dinner.

The first thing that I made was to take a shower, to change me clothes and to put on a little presentable for the first interview with my new boss. When I finished I went down to the gentleman's Duke office.

The office was something only for my view, he/she would have around sixty four square meters, he/she didn't have neither a column, the symmetry was perfect, with a great ventanal in front of the door for where the sun entered from the dawn until the dawn. The walls were completely lined wooden dark, and full with bookcases where it could not put on neither a book more, collect and collections of novels, all the authors' treaties and imaginable topics, written in the four languages that it dominated the Mr. Duke, English, French, German and Spanish. Everything was impressive, until The...

- Good, don't stay stop there next to the door, among, and stop me to look as if he/she had two heads. My sister didn't mention in any moment that you were so young, when she said that she was friend, I understood it as guarantee that she was referring more or less to somebody that would have her same age.

The tone of its voice, began to shoo away me, for what I thought that the better era to put on in my place and not to allow me to intimidate from the first day.

- It cares that..., in case I am competent?, I don't understand that he/she has to see my age. If he/she prefers to hire any other person...

- There is not time. A treatment was also made, and I never break my word.

- Neither me neither.

- Good, then it seems that I will have to support it.

- Not Mr. Duke, seems that we will have to support ourselves mutually.- I answered him -.

He/she stayed looking at me during some seconds, I believe that he/she didn't wait that reaction, neither my answers. He/she knew that he/she was my boss and that I eat to such he/she would have to support him all their whims, but I also had my pride, and if to him my youth bothered him, to me they bothered me her modal bad. He/she should understand that I was not guilty of their misfortunes and above all that to be young it was not silly, that had to leave it very clear from the first moment.

He/she lit a cigarette without being bothered in offering. Did I begin to observe him, did he/she have nervous reactions and when he/she sat down in their butacón did he/she make that I shrank, how?, I don't know it, but he/she noticed something strange in their presence.

- Of course, you know shorthand.

- Of course.

- And it dominates the spelling and the punctuation well, my sister gave me good reports on you, and before taking me a disappointment when I/you/he/she is too much afternoon I want to check it.

- Yes.

- He/she said you that it was familiarized with the handling of manuscripts. Has he/she worked for other writers?.

- No. Good..., yes. -After all he/she worked for myself when he/she wrote my stories -.

- Good in that are, if or nr.

- If..., myself writes something. Stories for children.

The indifference with which he/she took my confession he/she left me again paralyzed. Definitively it was a cold man and calculator to which he cared a cumin the life and the feelings of the other ones. Every minute that passed he/she was sorry more than having accepted the work, I don't believe that he/she could support to live so far from my atmosphere with a man without feelings. Less bad than he/she had known Pedro in the airplane, and thanks to him my leisure whiles would see each other a little lively with their company.

After finding out that I also made my pines like writer, he was limited to follow their speech.

- I hope to have my finished novel, typewritten and it lists for my editor when the school season begins in September. I have rented this house here in the mount to be able to work in the intimacy, without distractions. I have already spent several months investigating and taking notes, even before coming here. The plot is perfectly drawn in my head, I trust because that the writing comes out easily. He/she will take to the dictation, and it will pass to machine that written every day, so I can read it and to make any correction that seems necessary. Then will you write the definitive draft, expert?.

The truth is that me not you if what sought was to be made the five pesetas with me or that in fact its character was that, but of that that if I am sure, it is that my first impression was that of an abrupt man and not too fond of the friends, but he/she didn't have more remedy than to get used to him and its manners.

- We have breakfast at eight o'clock. We will begin to work at nine o'clock, the foods are at one o'clock, the dinners at seven o'clock, around four o'clock a bite is usually served. María plays a whistle at the hours of the foods. He/she will be able to hear it from outside of the house like my son hears it when playing is somewhere around. As for their weekends, I will need it this Saturday, but almost all the other ones will have them free. Do I suppose that he will have liked their room, no?.

- If, it is very beautiful, thank you.

- And does the salary, find him well?.

- I find very generous.

- Really, it is to compensate the whiles of boredom and solitude that without a doubt you will happen here.

In that moment a deep whistle entered in my hearings. It was the announcement of the dinner, therefore we left for the dining room. Few minutes later, the young Duke was united with a simple and nice hello. He/she was a boy toasted by the sun, dress with shirt and short pants.

We begin to eat in silence, the food was excellent, composed by very varied, fresh and exotic plates. Last a while was Tony the one that began to speak with its father.

- Dad, Mario has become trained some new words in Creole.

- Are you learning your pals' enough Creole, truth?. Pity that is not French, would be you more useful.

- Am I happy that those boys live here, dad, with who would I play if not?, they are good boys. But do you know? they believe in the most absurd things, men wolf, wicked spirits that can kill and all those superstitions. The truth is that he/she would give me panic to cross the door if he/she believed in all those silly stories.

Seeing to the Mr. Duke with their son nobody could think that he/she had that other character with the other ones. When Tony was to his side he became the most peaceful, kind and tender person that I had known, until the factions of his face they became softer, and in some moments he roared with laughter. They almost spent the whole night joking as if Rubén a chiquillo, the only moment of the day in that Rubén went to me was also outside as if he really wanted to be my friend. Among both they counted me many things of the locus in quo we lived, the trips that used to make on Sundays to the dawn and all that they had discovered alone in their big country adventures. To Tony he/she was seen enjoy when it counted all that learned of their father in the field. Beside their father Tony was the happiest boy in the world.

Once finished the dinner and after almost two hours of conversation, Tony left to rest.

- Is dad, certain that the cousin will come Olivia to visit one another?.

- That seems.

- I don't remember it very well, except in the red hair.

- Good night Tony.

- Good night dad, until tomorrow Zara.

The boy disappeared and we are alone the father and me. At the beginning and for some seconds I thought of retiring me also, the experience that had of staying to alone with Rubén was too hard to support it again, however something in my interior told me that I stayed, without he noticed it, I stayed looking at him and he/she discovered something new in its face that he/she had not seen until that moment...

- He/she will notice that in Haiti almost everybody retires early and he/she gets up to the dawn, except when the peasants celebrate their vodú ceremonies or their social dances, habitually on Saturday nights, but also in other days of the week here in the mountains.

- I would love to be able to attend in some occasion to one of those popular dances.

- He/she will already have occasion of it, they usually send usually me invitations for all them, although until the moment I have not attended none. Starting from now and if to you it interests him I will pass him those invitations for if he feels like attend.

My God, was incredible, the Mr. Duke was being kind with me, he could not believe it. Undoubtedly the presence and conversation with Tony had been as a sedative one for him, before the dinner Rubén was as an addict with the syndrome of abstinence, after the dinner, era like an addict after taking the dose.

María entered to clean the table and you/he/she warned us that the coffee was served in the room, therefore we happen there and we sit down beside the fire, where we renew our conversation.

- What my son has counted during the dinner.... I don't have idea about how much you will know on hidden sciences, but up to now I have allowed him to continue thinking that the Haitian beliefs are not more than stories. It is too young to speak of the power of the darkness.

- Then all they are not superstitions?.

- Some yes, certainly. But not all. This is truly earth of hidden things. The vodú works, and that it is the reason for which the Catholicism will never be able to extirpate it.

In that moment I remembered the conversation maintained in the airplane with Pedro. He had almost said the same thing, and now Rubén, another intelligent man, maintained that Haiti was really supernatural that the legends were not only that. With all their studies and investigations, he/she should know what was speaking perfectly.

- Could he/she tell me something on the zombies?.

- All that I must say is that it cannot stay with security the nonexistence of that that you/they call zombies. I begin to think that anything is impossible in this country, at least almost anything.

- Seriously?, but he/she says you that some of their beliefs are simple superstitions. How which, for example?.

- The trees frequented by spirits, in my opinion, it is not more than product of their imagination, they consider them dangerous at nights, they say that they are inhabited by small demons that their sprees" are run inside the enormous trunks and they celebrate banquets with their victims. During the day they rest or they stroll for the field in form of animals mainly pigs.

- That seems a little difficult to swallow.

- They have told me that walking in full night next to a plantation songs can be heard, howls and to crack of bones, but the truth is that I have stopped a couple of times when darkening and I have not heard anything. Perhaps if he/she had been able to hear those noises it would feel more inclined to believe in the demons.

Our conversation continued a good while. From my arrival it was the first time that he/she saw him so lively, for what I wanted to take advantage of this occasion, but when we realized the hour we retire to rest since up-to-date following we would have to get up early, and the truth is that I lately was not accustomed to big madrugones.

I closed the ventanales of my room and I entered in the bed, I thought of my mother, alone some hours ago he/she had left it at home. It is not that I worried too much, it was already hour that separates and neither it will be it stops a lifetime, once finish the summer I would return home, and she could continue putting the nose in my things like before my march, but it was the first time that we separated time therefore and with so many kilometers of for half.

I took very much in being able to reconcile the dream, they were too many emotions in only one day, and in that that more he/she thought it was in the two conversations so interesting that he/she had had during the day, both with the same topic, one in the airplane with my new friend, Pedro, and the other one some minutes ago only, with my boss, the Mr. Duke. He/she thought of the zombies, and in those small demons that inhabit at nights the trunks of the trees. I felt some fear and I had to get up to close the door inside and it is necessary to put the padlock in the shutter of the ventanal.

It was seven in the morning when he/she woke up me the bell of the alarm clock, I wanted to stay in the bed some more minutes but he/she was not able to, the Mr. Duke waited for me at nine o'clock and I don't believe that he likes to see me arrive with the face of dream, the wrinkles of the pillow in the face and the on sleep. Therefore I jumped of the bed believing that after the night so catastrophic that it had passed all the bones of my body they will leave. I had not slept outside of my house for a long time, the bed was completely different to mine apart from that he/she had been during the whole night sleepy very strange, they were as mini nightmares that some were happened to other, everything was related with the vodú rites. With all my soul he/she prayed so that he/she didn't have these sensations during the five months that I had left.

I opened the ventanal and I contemplated the wonderful landscape, once he/she went I could see the boys playing. A door would have you in the plant under and María went out with a long wooden tablespoon in her hands in disposition of nagging the children. I began to get dressed, and later I went down to take my breakfast.

- Good morning, María.

- Good morning young lady, does he/she want a cup of coffee?

- If, María, thank you, the truth is that I need it.

- I love flavor of the Haitian coffee, I will miss it a lot when we leave of here.

We were talking a while, until he/she realized that Tony was already in the table with face of hungry and he didn't have more remedy than to go to the kitchen to finish the first task of the day. I went to have breakfast with him. He/she told me that their father would not go down to have breakfast to bother him a terrible headache, at the beginning I thought that my boss would not be willing to work, but at once Tony disillusioned me "anything it prevents my father to work in his books." as he/she still had time until the nine Tony and me we left going for a walk until Luis' house and Mario, the children of Clotilde and friends of Tony.

A goat and several pigs swarmed over there, one of the pigs came closer to an end of the garden where several arrays of vegetables grew, Tony frightened it with a scream. In that instant it left of among the vegetable garden a man.

- Good morning.

- Hello, I am Zara, the new secretary of the Mr. Duke.

- I am Fernando the husband of the Clotilde.

- Where their wife is?.

- Today is Friday, day of market, and he/she has gone to the town to sell the vegetables that we harvest. But please young lady, pass, I will teach him the house.

The first thing that I saw when entering was a small table covered with a white cloth. There was on her several prints of saints, in the center one of San Patricio appeared, there was also half coconut shell full with oil that it burned and in which a cross made with bone chips floated. It was a chapel vodú and however he/she looked like each other enough to a Catholic chapel. At once I was very surprised with a detail that he/she got me the attention, they were two bottles of dark green color, no matter how much my imagination flew it could not reach any logical conclusion, and although you that the Haitians don't like to speak too much of its rituals, ventured to ask on those two green bottles.

- They contain the souls of my children.

- Why in bottles, Fernando?, how can a person live without her soul?.

When finishing asking this question Fernando had left a face of fright and admiration that I don't believe it puts in all their life again, it seemed that it had just made a sacrilege or something worse. At the end he/she answered me although that yes a little afraid.

- Doesn't he/she know that there are two souls in the body of a person?, one is big and another small one. The big ones are only in the bottles. Mario and Luis still have their small soul in the body. The bottle is to protect, devil's charm can steal to my boys while the souls are sure in the bottles.

The poor Fernando continued looking at me as if it was a strange bug, although he no longer dared to make it clearly to the eyes, for him I was not a pure person, I didn't know that of the two souls, neither that of the bottles, therefore it was not purified by that ritual, and I was possibly a demon. That was my challenge, to get Fernando to trust me like in the other ones.

- Thank you all told Fernando, I will return in another moment to visit Clotilde, now leave to work.

During the whole road I was thinking of all that that nice man had been counting me about the souls of his children. But soon I forgot when when coming closer to the house I could hear that somebody was in the office; of course he/she should be Rubén. Very well boss, there I go.

- Good morning.

- Good they are. And now young lady, let us begin with our work.

After a couple of hours of dictation to a rhythm that was comfortable for me, Rubén said:

- Now pass it to machine, leave the leaves in the desk and me I will return later to examine them. As for the final copy, wait to that each chapter finished is for if I am happened some change.

And this way, among work and to buy in the town, several days passed. Anything interesting it had happened in that country that he/she offered me so many surprises to my arrival. I made several trips with Tony and their friends, they were some charming chiquillos, and I also stayed free time to be able to write, for what I began a new story that little by little he/she went reading the boys, and it is not for anything, but I believe that they liked. To who I was not happened in any moment to read him neither a single letter went to Rubén, although its character had changed considerably, the indifference that showed in the moment to find out that I wrote something, bothered me enough.

But in that country, the tranquility could last a little. One day that Tony and I went of trip, both alone, we began to walk without fixed direction, we caught a path, which drove us to a built cabin under a tree. The door was open. We look toward inside of, it seemed kind of a temple, as it was not seen anybody, we enter impelled by the curiosity. Tony put in his face an expression of disgust.

- This scent infects Zara.

It was a strange and horrible scent, the scent of the humid earth and of the wood that takes a lot of time without giving him the sun. Plaster to the wall of the bottom a cube was done with cement, an open niche and above the cube there were candles, incense, clay pots, a bottle of liquor, a bell and other objects. I imagined that it should be a vodú altar, the niche it should be together with the other utensils, offerings to some god.

- Vámonos of here, Tony.

- He/she waits a moment.

Tony had caught one of the clay boats and he was lifting the cover to look at his interior, in some way I got scared when seeing that boat in Tony's hands, although he would not know how to say why.

- He/she leaves that.

I told it to him with a dry and hard voice, the boy got scared a little and he made that the boat fell to the floor, it was made pieces, several tarnished currencies appeared at the same time in the floor that some objects that I could not identify.

_ why you have gotten scared?, it was not more than an old boat.

- Vámonos.

Nothing else to pass the threshold stopped, before the cabin there was a tall woman and of dark skin, with the crossed arms on the chest, he/she was looking at us fixedly. It took a brown tunic and a handkerchief wound in the head. Their eyes were opaque, their face was a mask without expression.

We leave of there running, after a while, when almost we lacked forces we sit down in some rocks to rest a little.

- He/she was a priestess vodú.

- How do you know it?.

- Fernando has spoken to us of her. I wanted to see the altar vodú, they say that he/she practices black magic. Fernando says that all the priests vudús know how to make things of black magic against their enemies. They have to make a pact with the devil before being able to throw a curse on somebody. Don't I believe it AND your?.

- Good you forget it, I believe that we never see it again, and don't come closer more to that temple.

- Won't we say anything of this at agreement home?, dad would not like it.

- For my he/she won't know it. (For the moment)

We arrive on time for the snack. Rubén was reclined in a beach chair reading. After the succulent snack, I entered in the office and I caught among the records of information of the free of Rubén a marked one with the word VODú, I read above the first paragraphs and I arrived to the following:

"One of the objects of special interest in the altar vodú is the POT TÊTE (head pot). These pots, almost always of clay, they are used to keep spirits. It is believed that each person takes a spirit in her head during all her life. When he/she dies, a ceremony is made to change place the spirit so that he/she doesn't go "under the water" with the cadaver.

When he/she begins to somebody in the vodú, a POT receives TÊTE that becomes of its property. In him sacrifice articles go, and he/she should keep it until he/she dies."

It trembled while it put the record inside the envelope again. But at once I began to reason. I didn't believe in those superstitions, however it doesn't care me to believe or not, for the priestess vodú that clay boat had a special meaning. As he/she didn't want to think more of those things, I remembered Pedro and I decided that it was already hour of calling him, for that that before being sorry, I called it.

- Aló

- Bonjour, ochre vouz plait, Stupid monsieur?.

- Oui, sui je.

- Hello Pedro, am I zara, do you remind me?.

- Of course, like he/she will forget the most charming young lady that I have known in any airplane?. Although if I must be you sincere he/she began to think that you were your the one that didn't remember my.

- Less bad than you have taken down the headphone, my French is terrible and I don't know more than four words.

- How's it going does he/she go you everything?.

- Good for the moment he/she doesn't go me not well completely, but better we speak personally, do you find?.

- Stupendous, do we have dinner tonight?.

- Charmed, at seven o'clock?.

- Perfect.

Suddenly all that had happened moments before returned to my mind and it cannot be able to resist to what was thinking, although in certain way all that became nervous and he/she scared me some...

- Did Pedro, my boss offer me the other day some invitations for a dance, or something similar that the natives made, do you want us to attend?.

- Of course, I would love it.

- I will pass to pick up you, it is easier than to arrive to this big house lost in the mountains.

When I hung the telephone I felt even more excited that before the call, he/she could not believe it, he/she will have an appointment with a charming, but completely unknown man, and it will also attend an act of those that usually make the domestic natives. They were too many emotions for only one day.

I caught my camera and I left to the garden he/she is necessary to make some pictures to Rubén and Tony that were playing basketball, they were some wonderful and very tranquilizing images, they seemed two chiquillos, they were seen completely happy.

It had already darkened when we leave toward the town, and even before arriving we could hear songs and screams. Following the sound Pedro parked the Jeep near a corral illuminated by lamps and brands. There were a lot of people. The women went very orderly and in a low corner a brand subject to the window a group of men played to the letters. Everybody seemed to be having a good time.

I tried to avoid to stay looking fixedly anybody. I realized that an old of kind face had been sleeping next to the table and they had tied to the seat with a strip so that he/she didn't fall. One of the women was brought near and it took me next to the old man, he/she seemed to love me that it narrowed him the hand, therefore I caught it smoothly for not waking up him..., but, suddenly I did become rigid, didn't anything understand at the beginning, what was it happening there?. My God, it could not be, in that moment it was when I realized that that old man to at which I looked with emotion believing sleeping, was the cadaver.

After a while we leave of there, it was a little unpleasant. During the one on the way to turn to house none of both said neither a word, I believe that Pedro had been as impressed as me. When saying goodbye I wanted to count him what had happened me in the morning to Tony, but I didn't dare fearing that explains to me the reality of what we had made, therefore I thanked him all their kindness and mainly the idea of becoming trained "all the really typical things of Haiti."

When I went to bed I thought that it will be unable to reconcile the dream, not of fear, but if of emotion. It was incredible that to a girl as me, they passed him all these things. God, I never thought that it could be so exciting and wonderful to work.

I was finally able to sleep, the following morning the image of that old man followed present in my memory, for what I decided that the best way to forget was to stay busy, for what the first two hours of the day passed them in my room with Tony reading the chapters that he/she already had writings of my new book. In the afternoon Rubén and Tony went to the airport to pick up their invited one, and me, while he/she waited, I began to read a book. A while later left to the kitchen to take a coffee with María and we were speaking until the car arrived and we leave to receive them.

Rubén brought two big suitcases and Tony a small handbag. Olivia took an adjusted dress, of a pale yellow. I continued observing it during some more seconds, then I lowered to greet her, and Rubén made the presentations.

- Olivia, this it is Zara, of which I have been speaking to you.

- Ah, hello. -He/she told me looking at me from top to bottom - So you are Rubén's secretary during the summer.

- That such an Olivia?, I have heard speak much of you.

For luck it was over there Tony to deviate the conversation. Olivia seemed a little important, and I didn't like anything the form that had of looking at myself, I/you/he/she seemed that she was examining me. We enter in the house and me I ascended to my room until the hour of the dinner, the truth is that I didn't feel like go down to have dinner, but he/she could not deny to our invited one the presence of somebody inferior to her. I lowered a little before the dinner, he/she didn't want to call the attention arriving when all were already in the dining room, Rubén was already there and it served me a glass, soon after Tony arrived, and lastly the prospective cousin Olivia.

In my opinion he/she went too attractive to have dinner. They spent the whole night speaking of their childhood, youth and also some the present, in such a way that alone Tony intervened of late in late and me of course in any moment. After the dinner there was a small concert of offered piano for Olivia, apparently that woman knew everything and all she made it perfect. I went soon to the bed, it felt quite uncomfortable in the two cousins' presence that was clear that they were it because they had both the same power of knowing how to inconvenience people.

The following day in the breakfast, the cousin Olivia continued putting the paw, Tony ruined his morning of games to accompany her, and later when he found out those who were Tony's friends he tried Rubén to prohibit him to continue playing with them.

The days they lapsed calm, I passed most of the time in my room writing, and in the kitchen speaking with María, neither she liked it neither a hair the cousin Olivia. Since she arrived everything they were problems and discussions, until María he/she seemed to have worse smoke, strange thing in such a sweet woman as her. Olivia had brought to that house something that was not present before her arrival. A touch of the wickedness, or perhaps falsehood, I am not very sure but something strange if that was, that was clear.

The tension increased day by day, nobody knew because, but he/she was this way Olivia it twitched us the nerves to Tony to María and me, but that served so that Tony and I united more, we went for a walk a lot and we felt very to pleasure in company the one of the other one. From time to time we went down to the town to take some ice creams, almost always paid him, I suppose that that made him feel more important, and also a little protective my.

The heat increased per days, for what Tony and I decide to give ourselves a bathroom in the house lake after the breakfast and before my work begins.

One morning that was not too hot we decide to play a tennis party, for what I began to look for the blouse of color mallow of my group, but I could not find it for any part, era stranger was sure of having her position in the suitcase, since one day saw it María, and he/she got him a lot the attention the fabric so soft and fine, at the same time that it missed him enough the color for a tennis suit, but I didn't give him too much importance, perhaps he/she would be washing himself.

The party was a disaster on the part of both, but it was very amusing, Tony was a fantastic boy, to be with him was the best therapy against the stress and the depressions. When we return home, completely out for the "great effort", María told me that she had a call. He/she was Pedro.

- Good morning.

- Hello Pedro how are you?

- Not so well as you, but I don't complain. Zara, I sit down to have to cut so quickly, but I have company. Would you accept to eat with me today?.

- Do I sit down it Pedro, but I am not able to, is the while that I have little and don't I believe that it was a pleasant company, but that such if I change it to you for the dinner?.

- Equally charmed, but he/she will have to be early, tomorrow I leave again to Miami and I have to get up very early.

Pedro was a charming man, he had particulars that it never imagines that they could real men's being, all those things that he made and I told me alone he had seen them in the cinema and in the books, but now they were happening to me, and it was not a cinema filming, neither Pedro was the gallant of the movie. The dinner was wonderful, the restaurant had an unbeatable atmosphere and I were completely rapt in the face of so much luxury and kindness.

Everything since I left my house it was being as a fascinating dream, and I didn't want to wake up.

One day, after the work, Tony met with me in the lobby.

- We go to your room, I have interesting news for you.

I stopped a moment in the bathroom to take an aspirin, from toward some days he/she had some impressive headaches.

- This morning, when I have gone to house of Mario and Luis to play with them, I was speaking with Fernando Olivia it has more than enough, I have told him the nervous ones that it puts us three their presence in this house and that since she is here, my dad never has time for me, neither to make those long and amusing trips for the field.

- But Tony, how are you happened to count those things to Fernando?, he/she will think that we are not very hospital.

- Do you know what told me?. That he/she saw Olivia enter a couple of days ago in the forest, for the path that takes to the priestess's vodú house.

- If?...

- He followed it wondering if he/she would know who lived there. He/she knew it more than enough, because I told it to him one day that we were going for a walk. The cousin Olivia French speaks perfectly. Fernando could not hear what you/they were saying, but he saw that Olivia gave him a paquetito, and she suspects that she was buying him a charm against somebody.

- Tony, I believe that you have a lot of imagination.

- Why was it there if not?.

- I don't know it, affection, but for sure he/she was going for a walk and he/she met by chance with that woman.

- And that of the package?

- Is it well, and in case he/she was buying a charm, against who do you believe that is?

- I don't know it, but of course, if he had thought that it was against some of us, he/she had noticed us.

- Tony..., surely Olivia, doesn't believe in those witchcrafts more than that that you and we believe.

- He/she can that yes, or he/she can that nr. Do you remember what said one day in the table?, that he/she had heard that the black magic was really effective. Maybe now he/she is trying to check it.

- I find difficult to believe it.

The truth is that it seemed almost impossible of believing, and he/she was necessary to keep in mind that Tony was a boy and in his imagination they change many things, but Fernando's question was, he was a very learned man in question of these topics and he would never dare to play and to lie about these things. Undoubtedly of there to that Olivia was conspiring against some of us a world she went. Also against who?, Tony belonged to his family and era a charming boy in all the aspects, against María it was impossible to have anything, that woman was impossible that I/you/he/she was malquerida for anybody. Neither against me he/she could have something, it was totally impossible, when she appeared I used to leave of the room, their presence inconvenienced me very much, and it tried to coincide with her the less possible thing, therefore he/she didn't go with me anything that she could be scheming.

Definitively Tony was mistaken, perhaps he would have interpreted bad Fernando's words, it was sometimes complicated of understanding what loved you. In all ways, in my interior, he/she needed to find some explanation to Olivia's encounter with the priestess, but no matter how much he/she thought it was impossible to deduce another thing that it was not a fortuitous encounter..., clear, he/she had to be that the solution..., surely that Olivia left to go for a walk for the forest, as that day we made Tony and me, but her instead of to get scared and to leave running in the moment to see the priestess, you/he/she began a conversation in which explained to him the meaning of all the devices that had in her altar.

At the same time he/she was also thinking of Tony, with the enthusiasm that the boy had he could not say the conclusion to which had arrived, among other things because he would never believe me and it would also disappoint him that the only person who he trusted lately he didn't believe his theories. He/she should attempt that him same he/she realized that this situation was absurd, for what I consented to that a registration of the bedrooms was made.

- Good, and that you suggest that we make, young boy?.

- We will register your room, we have to discover if there is something strange, Fernando told it to me, for what I counted him that María, you and I are his enigma. I have already registered my room and María his, but there was not anything.

- I suppose that it won't pass anything because we look for in mine. But that we have to look for?.

- Any thing that is not of here. Fernando said that some amulets are as bags full with things. But we should be careful..., if we enter some, it will be better than we don't play it.

- Why don't we leave Fernando that looks for?, he will know what it is what it is necessary to make. There will be this way less danger.

It was incredible, he/she was participating of a search that had seemed completely absurd for some minutes, or at least that was what I wanted to think.Tony left to look for Fernando, and I had to lie down in the bed, the pain was unbearable lately, and the aspirins no longer made any effect. It already returned Tony with Fernando when they were in the lobby with Olivia and Rubén that decided to continue them until my room onlookers to know that he/she made that man there.

I put on a little nervous when seeing enter in group at the four in my room, mainly for Rubén, I knew that it was reluctant to believe in all those "fantasies", and mainly it didn't support the "circuses" around to its.

- What does it happen?- Rubén asked -.

- Ah..., dad..., Fernando believes that somebody has put a charm in the room of Zara, and it will register it to see if he gives with him.

- A charm?, of what are you speaking?, who would want to harm to Zara?, Fernando what he/she makes him think fellow man it sews?.

- First I will look for it..., Mister..., and if I find it..., then we speak.

The possibility that he could know something he/she made him think Rubén that would be better to leave him, so Fernando he/she began to register the room. Miró in the closet, and he/she ended up giving the turn to the rocker to see if there was something plaster under the seat. He/she didn't find anything. Lastly, he/she needed help to lift the mattress of the bed and to put it in the floor.

- Look - Tony screamed pointing out the bedspring.

The object was there, put face up. Fernando caught it with much care and he began to examine it later it sustained it on high so that we all could see it..., He/she was a puppet vodú.

Everything was silence in the room, nobody moved, neither he/she spoke, we all are icy before that object sustained by Fernando's quarter note hand. He/she was a small white puppet, of cloth, with the features of the face drawn with red painting, and it was dressed with a piece of fabric of polyester color mallow (in that moment I understood the disappearance of my tennis blouse). Sewn to their head some few blond hair they were seen.

Everything was really escalofriante... How?, who?, when? and why?..., those they were the questions that tormented my mind. MY GOD what had I made to anybody so that it could attack against me in that way?... In that moment my head became a battle field, everything occurred turns and I fell round to the floor, I noticed everything perfectly since I didn't end up losing the knowledge in the same moment of the fall..., although if later.

Never in my life it had felt worse....

When I recovered the sense it was in Rubén's room, knocked down in their bed and with those their hands among mine. Fernando were only in the room Rubén and me. Little by little I was recovering and the first thing that I saw was Rubén's face smiling kindly, but in those moments I could not begin to think of the their face, Fernando began to wonder many things...

- Has headache felt lately, young lady?.

- If, Fernando..., enough..., lately I have some terrible headaches.

- Mr. Duke, I believe that I have to count him something that I saw the other day make to Ms. Olivia.

In that moment Fernando began with the story from all that had seen the day of the "cousin's walk Olivia", to Rubén he went him changing the face for moments and every time it pressed more the hands.

Suddenly the door of the room opened up and Tony and the dear cousin entered Olivia. The boy rushed on me with a great happiness, thing that one could not say of Ms. Olivia.

- Zara, are you already well?.

- Good we don't exaggerate, alone a little better.

- For heaven's sake Fernando, please burn that muñecajo of a good time, it puts me the goosebumps when I see it.

- No, young lady Olivia, don't say that, if she makes it the young lady's life she would burn with her.

- To believe in those foolishness is of illiterate.

- He/she remains silent a moment Olivia, the matter it is that me if I believe in all that Fernando has said, some minutes ago we have had the three a very interesting conversation, but above all, what I want to know is who put that wicked object in the bed of Zara.

- I believe that I know it - Tony said looking in address to Olivia -.

- How do you dare?, what do you tell me of your friends?, did you in fact give them a cowlick of the hair of Zara, not?, therefore they are more suspicious than me.

- I need some shears.-Fernando said.

When María returned with the shears, Fernando sat down in the floor and it began to cut the points of union of the cuttings from the hair to the puppet's head. The headache disappeared little by little. "The aspirin, of course, was not the author of my improvement." With much taken care Fernando it was unstitching the threads that maintained united the puppet, until the dress came off. When the puppet completely undone Fernando was he entered it in a pocket.

- I take them to me to throw them to the wind.

Their eyes became accusingly toward Olivia, and he/she went back a step.

- He/she is a bad woman..., I saddled a horse for her last Friday. Then I went to for water, and when I realized toward where he/she went, I followed it. The bad priestess went to the locus in quo she has mounted her altar. Was he/she speaking with her during a good while and later he/she did give him a small package, where they were surely all the necessary things to make the puppet, certain, young lady is not?.

- It is lie, you cannot believe him, he/she is lying.

- Were you present when Zara intersected the hair?.

- And what?, it was not the only one.

- It is certain, as much María as my son had access to those cuttings. And anyone of them could catch the blouse of Zara of their closet. But with a small difference, them two want Zara a lot. Are you able to say the same thing?.

- For heaven's sake Rubén, is that you will believe to this illiterate servant before to your learned cousin?.

- Olivia, you know very well that to my I care the culture and the social class very little. We are not also here discussing the studies of anybody, alone I have asked you a question and I want you to answer it to me.

- Certainly, your employee is not sacred of my devotion, but alone you/he/she is that of an employee.

Olivia continued saying a series of incoherences, but Rubén cut it at once, and it continued with the story, threatening Olivia every time more force...

-... Fernando saddled for you a horse on Friday in the morning. I saw you leave from the sale of the patio, therefore that evidence cannot deny it.

- Certainly that not, in any moment I have made it, but certainly that I never thought that to mount horse was a crime.

- And what do you tell me from your visit to the Priestess?. Only inspired by the devil somebody it would rot to visit that woman. And Fernando would not also win anything lying. Does Olivia answer me please to this question why?.

- I don't understand what you mean Rubén. Neither I can understand like you are happened to believe to that tipejo, and to distrust of your cousin.

- You always have answers for everything, one doesn't eat you get ready them, but me no longer game more with you, I am tired of your trifles. Since you arrived you have been bothering me with your manias, you monopolized all my attention, and you deprived me of the company that more I liked it, that of my son and that of Zara. Now please, he/she answers to my question for the good ones, or you will have to make it for the malas.

- Are you threatening me?, because if you make it I assure you that...

- Be not impertinent, and answer me from a damned time to the question that I have made you before.

I don't know reason but for a moment I began to think that he/she had not been Olivia who had put that puppet in my bed but the own priestess. It is certain that to Olivia he/she didn't seem to fall him very well my presence, but that it is not a reason justifying to use against me the black magic, however the priestess, had reasons more than had more than enough to make something against me and against Tony, and for sure she chose me to my for you bigger than Tony. However still thinking that is something that intrigues me. How was the priestess able to catch my blouse? and how ago Olivia on Friday on the way to their house?. He/she could not understand it.

- Olivia, my patience like all have a limit, and it is beginning to be drained.

She was a lot of time answering with evasive and Rubén every time he/she went her pressing more, until it was penned and he/she didn't have more remedy than to say the truth.

- From the day that I arrived in Haiti I tried by all possible means to inconvenience you. to make you believe that you were being in the way in this house, and that you didn't have anything to make here. But I didn't get anything in that way, for what I had to appeal to other methods. But my cousin wants to know the reason, because very right now I tell it to him. When he/she came he/she brought the hope that the square you secretary would be occupied by a person of very advanced age, thing that would represent any danger for the intentions that she brought of marrying Rubén. But it didn't happen this way, it was that the blissful secretary was a young and beautiful girl, that without mentioning that I noticed certain shine in Rubén's eyes every time that looked at you, or that you entered in the room where the she was. Therefore he/she had to make something without lost of time, he/she had to make all that was in my hand to achieve them to say goodbye to you and to stay I with the position, stop this way to get my objectives with much more easiness.

Then, one day during a walk for the garden, as much my cousin as Tony didn't stop of speaking of you. On the part of Rubén you were an intelligent person, worker, with a great future for before, you win of working and with two stories sold in little time, and above those stories for children that it is much more difficult of writing...

It fences with the Mr. Duke, so being made the absent-minded one, me believing that he/she had not given any importance to my "pines" like writer and it is that to my backs it was eulogizing me, he/she could not give credit to my hearings.

Olivia continued with her story and my head caught the thread again.

- ... and on the part of nice, pleasant, wonderful, charming Tony eras and not you that more praises made in your person's little while.

In that moment Olivia returned to her cousin Rubén and she broke to cry, I/you/he/she seemed to be sorry, but to these heights already nobody could believe in her tears, for that that seeing the face of the Mr. Duke made a last effort to convince him that there was not wickedness in his acts, but simply the desire to remove from the means to a nuisance.

- For that reason it was, Rubén, I believe that it is sufficiently clear and justified.

- Justified..., as you dare to speak of justification, when you have put the life of a person in danger?.

- You have to understand me, me never in my life he/she had received so many praises, he/she had never worked in anything, neither it had won me the friendship and a brat's trust as Tony, because I have never liked midgets, he/she could not think of another thing, I tried to take it out of this house for the good ones, first as I have already said inconveniencing it, then one day I told to you that you said goodbye to her that I would know to occupy their place, but you didn't pay me attention, you told me that she made it very well and that I didn't also have any experience in this working class (I don't have it in any work), therefore almost I would dare to say that you were you the one that pushed me to look for "other methods" to take out it of here.

I didn't want to kill her, alone to cause him such a big uneasiness that he/she forced her to leave of here, and to return to their house. But as everything, this has also come out bad me. You already know everything, alone I made it to get Rubén's love, but right now it has just demonstrated me that what you feel for Zara is much purer and more intense that the one that I felt never never for anybody.

- It is well, don't continue, I believe that it has already been all quite clear one, although this won't be this way, I will call to the police.

- No, Mr. Duke, is not necessary to call to anybody. Fortunately he/she has not spent anything, everything has been a fright, and the headache already goes giving, also to my I have enough with which she has admitted and be sorry.

- They realize like it is hateful, any woman in her case would answer in that way.

- If Olivia, I believe that Zara is right, it is not worthwhile to call to the policeman, I don't also believe that your you need justice, but a psychiatrist that can cure the envy and the jealousies that you have in your body.

- Rubén is your...

- I don't want to listen neither a word more than your lips, and neither I want that you mention again that I am your cousin, it embarrasses me to have in my family people like your, therefore he/she would thank you you to ascend to your room and you picked up your things. Ah, and release you immediately of this house, and be careful with seeing me again, I don't believe that I like your visits from now on, I notice it to you now so that then you don't say that the writer is not very hospital.

The nightmare had finally happened, and before Olivia left of the room she wishes him that she had a good turn trip, to what I not answer with a tone too grateful.

- I find all that very beautiful and not very tawdry at the same time. I also loved you something before leaving. You are an idiot for not calling to the police, I don't regret anything of what I have made, it is more I believe that it would return him to make, I don't support to see a man like Rubén so in love with a goody one as you, and it would not also feel any scruple class when repeating it. Good morning to all.

In two days they didn't allow to get up of the bed, Rubén even spent the first night sat down beside the bed. It would be true all that Olivia had said..., no, for sure they were a jealous madwoman's that doesn't know how to distinguish the profesionalidad, imaginations but nevertheless it was beautiful to dream a little.

The truth is that everything was attentions with me, and that was not dreams. Every day after the work we left to go for a walk, we traveled all the surroundings of the great property, we went to the town in numerous occasions, we made infinity of purchases, and we even visited very from time to time my first great friend in those strange lands, Pedro Fool, with which we had dinner and we left to pass it well, although the one preferred, I eat up he/she always said, to go out to alone with me as we made it at the beginning.

The change in Rubén was as of the up-to-date night, every time you I toward more difficult to think of the return to house, felt very to pleasure with them two, they were as two shipwrecks lost in its own island, and I was as the boat lifeboat, every time that one of them felt not well quickly he/she went to my to speak and to finish laughing as chiquillos, Rubén even began to dare to speak of his wife, Elena, one afternoon while we gave an I stroll it counted all that had happened and the tears went to their eyes like an I authenticate rain torrent, both pass it quite bad during the many hours that the conversation lasted. It was the definitive one I relieve for him.

The summer passed and the book was finished exactly for the foreseen date, for what was hour of making the suitcases..., my flight came out at ten in the morning of the following day and he/she wanted to prepare everything before the dinner.

While I prepared the baggage, Tony he/she went up to make me company and Rubén didn't take too much in meeting with us. They were many the memories that appeared to our minds while it picked up my things, we speak of my first days in the house, of "the witch's" arrival, like we end up calling to Olivia in the very few occasions that we mentioned it, in what was about to get if it doesn't end up being for Fernando, and we even count Rubén the experience that we had Tony and me when we meet with the priestess's" "sanctuary. We laugh a lot, but it also left some tear that another.

Fair after having dinner, and a lot before the accustomed hour, Rubén sent to Tony to the bed. I found very strange, mainly because to newspaper it was one it authenticates fight the bedtime, and that night the boy you goes without rechistar and making a blink of complicity to their father.

Are we alone and did the solemnity of the moment confuse me, what was what was happening?, the truth is that he/she didn't want too many surprises. All those I remembered the first night that I passed in that house, when we stay both alone, they were some moments of confusion they made me feel strange things inside my.

Suddenly Rubén became with face of fear, it maintained my look during some instants, then he sat down to my side, and after a good while he/she began to speak. It was as if shoots to bocajarro, as if the prey will escape, or as a boy that is very afraid to a regañina and if she doesn't tell it suddenly the voice she leaves her throat.

- Zara, Tony and I have been speaking during some days and we have reached the conclusion that it won't return to the boarding school after the summer, the one doesn't need a good school, a father needs, he needs home heat, post-mortem of Elena, I passed it very bad and I made him not well also feel the one in some moments. On the other hand, I will be a lot of contained time thinking in as editing my new book... Tony likes your company, good I would say that he fascinates... On the other hand I need an assistant for my new work, and a good friend to open my heart from time to time again, at the same time that to a colleague so that he/she knows how to understand my moments of white and that he/she knows how to help me with the writing...

In that moment Tony, barefoot, appeared and with a face of happiness that contaminated, the one was the one that continued speaking, since his father it was not able to continue, all its body trembled, it seemed an afraid chiquillo.

- Good, what dad loves you is that both need you..., I am small and I want you to be my mother..., Dad is big and I also want the same thing, for that that single lack that your you love us at both.

In that non wise moment that to make, if to laugh or to cry, for that made the two things.

The truth is that I never thought that in oneself year they could spend two things so wonderful. In that moment I thought of my mother, in like it will outline him this new situation. She had always thought that he would never lack me... They would be so many things to those that he/she had to give up that my head was a whirl... But a thing had very clear, as much the father as the son were something indispensable for my heart. There both were, looking at me with expensive of anxiety and happiness, they were two bundles of nerves. For a moment I thought of not answering until the following day, it was had a good time to see this way them, but I could not expect so much time, I believe that I was much more nervous and more excited that them, and on the other hand he/she didn't have anything to think, unconsciously he/she had it all resolved one..., without realizing me something in my interior he/she told me that this would happen sooner or later..., for that that alone I could answer...

- Never in my life two handsome and wonderful men they had made me such a tempting proposition. Of course that I accept.

Maribel Tercero Causo.

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